Best Rechargeable or Inverter Led Bulb in India

Best Rechargeable or Inverter Led Bulb in India

If you are facing electricity cuts and you need lights in your home on a low budget then you can solve this problem by using a rechargeable led bulb in your home. So here in this article, you find the best rechargeable or inverter led bulb which is available in India.

What is a Rechargeable or Inverter led bulb?

Rechargeable Led bulb is also known as Inverter led bulb because in this a rechargeable battery is present. This battery is stores electricity during lights on.

These inverters led bulbs are the same as ordinary led bulbs in look wise. In these B22 base is present and some more weight from the normal led bulb.

How works rechargeable bulb?

These rechargeables led bulb is plugged into a B22 (E27) holder and switch on the mainboard button. When the main electricity is present at that time this uses electricity for given lights and gives 100% lumens light.

And when the electricity cuts off during switch on its automatically on and gives 40-60% lumens lights from the battery. Inverter bulbs will get automatically charged when it is kept ON.

Benefits of inverter led bulb

The main benefit of inverter led bulb are they give light backup. They are available at a low cost. These are easy to install just like a bulb change from the holder.

List of Best Rechargeable LED bulb

1 Philips Rechargeable Bulb

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This inverter led bulb comes from Philips in the options of 9 and 12 watts. So this can give sufficient brightness 10*10 room. This gives a cool bright light.

This led bulb pack with a battery capacity of 2200 mah which gives a 4hrs backup.

This bulb can take 8-10 hrs for full charging its inbuilt battery.

This led light build quality is more solid than any others and this comes with 1 year of warranty.

It gives 100% brightness on electricity and 50% brightness on battery mode. Which is sufficient for small rooms.

2 Halonix Prime Rechargeable LED Bulb

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This Halonix Prime Inverter led bulb light is coming from Indian Brand Halonix which is available in 12 watts and gives a bright cool light.

In this Halonix rechargeable emergency light, you get 2600 mah inbuilt battery which gives 4 hrs of continuous backup.

This bulb comes with turbocharging so this led light is fully charged in 4 hours.

This led inverter bulb gives 100% output when electricity is available and when the main power is not available it gives 50-60% output.

3 Wipro Garnet Emergency LED Bulb

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This emergency led bulb coming from Indian manufacturer Wipro. Which is available in the 9W option.

In this rechargeable, inverter led bulb you get 2200 mah inbuilt battery. And provides 4 hours of backup.

Wipro bulb is fully charged in 8-10 hours and also comes with overcharging and protection.

This rechargeable led bulbs give 100% output in main power and 50% on battery.

4 C&S Electric LED Inverter

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C&S Electric rechargeable led light comes in 9 watt power so this best for a single 10 by 10 room and give a cool light.

This led bulb provides up to 4 hours of backup thanks to 2200 mah rechargeable battery.

On the main power supply, this emergency led bulb to give 900 lumens brightness and when the power cuts off and it automatically turns on battery mode and gives 450 lumens brightness.

5 Syska Inverter Rechargeable Emergency Bulb

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This emergency led bulb coming from Indian brand Syska with power options in 7 and 9 watts. And produce light in three different color temperatures 6500k, 4500k, and 3000k.

The Syska rechargeable led bulb to give 3.5 hours of emergency light with the help of a 2300mah inbuilt battery.

In the power, mode means the main electricity available that time this inverter led bulb to produce 100% output, and when electricity not available its produces a 50% output.

This rechargeable bulb automatically charged during light on and fully charged in 8-10 hours.

Buying Guide for Inverter led bulb

If you want to buy a new inverter led bulb then you need to know some information on the inverter led bulb. So here is a buying guide for your need of the best rechargeable led bulb to buy in India.


B22 and E27 Cap for bulb

A light bulb’s base is one of the most important parts of buying the right bulb. The base of bulbs that are mainly available in India are B22 and E27 cap options. B22 cap is most popular in India so many customers need is B22 base led bulb. Choose your right cap for bulb before buying. So you won’t need to change your lights fittings to accommodate the new bulbs.


The efficiency of the led bulb is comparing output in lumens with its wattage. Means per watt how many outputs are produced by the led bulb in lumens.

Here lumens show that how much bright is led bulb so more lumens means the brightness of is more. And wattage shows how much power it consumes to produce light. More wattage means more power to consume.

The average lumens produce by led bulb are 80-100 per watt. So chose led bulb energy efficient.

Colour Temperature of Led bulb

Colour Temperature means which type of color produce by led light doesn’t mean by heat and measures in kelvin. It typically ranges from 2000k-6500k. The scale goes from warm white to cool white.

2700k-3500k yellowish light, 4000k-4500k less yellowish light, and 5000k-6500k white light.

Battery Capacity, Backup and Charging Time

For rechargeable led bulb backup time is the most important role for buying these inverters led bulb. So you must know about how much backup given by this rechargeable led bulb.

The average backup time of these led bulbs is 3-4 hours. And these bulbs are fully charged in 8-10 hours of average timing.

Final Thought

If you are facing an electric cuts problem in your home and you don’t have electricity backup so you can buy a rechargeable led bulb in a low budget and turn on lights in your house. These are work as an emergency light for the home.

These inverter led bulbs are best for all because they shine your home. So here you can know the best rechargeable or inverter led bulb in India.

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